“Promoting excelent craftmanship since 1965”
“Promoting excelent craftmanship since 1965”

SM YACHTS is a company located in Perama- Greece.
We have carried out various refits and maintenance projects since 1965.
With more than 52 years of experience in the yachting industry
we are aiming to high standards, luxury and sophisticated yacht designs.

>> In order to improve the status of yachts our company provides<<

• Hull extensions-refits
• Exterior/Interior rebuild 
• Remodeling
• Redecoration
• Technical upgrades • Maintenance
• Outfitting
• Feasibility studies/Surveys (Structure & Teak Decking)
• Restoration of classic boats
• Mast constructions (Wooden sailing yachts)

“Refitting is a family business”
“Refitting is a family business”
The hereby family business is ownership of Mandragos Stavros and has long history
and experience of over 70 years in the maritime and yachting field. Τhe shipbuilding - joinery
installation workshop, in which external and internal woodwork is conducted, has its headquarters
in Perama, Attiki (GREECE) and started its long route with the construction of traditional wooden
boats made by the hands of the boat owners that were well-known at that time. They used to take
care of their boats with pure love and attention so as to keep them resistant to sea brine and the ravages
of time. The company is a family inheritance and passed from father to son and from the traditional wooden
schooners to the ultra-modern and sophisticated vessels. Over 100 traditional ships, schooners, sailing vessels and
yachts have been transmuted into a "real" treasure, into precious sea gems thanks to the superbly executed
work by the most experienced craftsmen of the field.
“The only constant is change”
“The only constant is change”
The modernization of hulls attracted our attention and inspired us to turn to much more
luxurious yachts, modern sailboats and stylish hulls. Speed, refined architecture and delicate,
obviously thinner lines were at the core of the development path of the hereby business. Today,
the office run by Stavros Mandragos, the Naval Architect – Mechanical Engineer related to the
maritime fields, aims at high standards of quality, luxury, sophisticated constructions and refined
remodeling, in cooperation with the most experienced craftsmen in the field of marine equipment
and supplies for boating needs as well as the highly trained and qualified personnel. Our superbly
executed work can actually transform the external and internal space of a boat into a real jewel
of the sea.
“The best job can only be done</br>using the best materials”
“The best job can only be done
using the best materials”
The workshop is equipped with highly sophisticated, ultra-modern machines in order to carry out the
most demanding constructions and remodelings of hulls. The choice of wood is thoroughly made and
all materials used are friendly to the environment and approved by the competent authority. The wood
combination, coloration and uniformity are all aspects that we take into serious consideration and
carefully examine in order to highlight the beauty of each structure and construction and to finally
achieve the best possible result.
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t: (+30) 210 44 10 273 f: 210 40 21 509
NEORION 115, PC: 210 40 21 509, PERAMA - GREECE